The Soap Box

A while ago I decided to get my creative hat on and make a few bath time delights for family and friends, after looking for inspiration on Not on the High Street and Pinterest I came up with a few ideas. I thought I would start with something nice and easy so I looked for recipes for bath salts. Bath Salts are great for pampering yourself and the magnesium sulphate helps to relax your muscles.
On the high street you can pay a ridiculous amount for such a simple to make product! I bought all my ingredients from eBay and each little jar works out very cheap! The one pictured is Lavender and Chamomile, Perfect for a bath before bed time! Once I made these I decided to move onto something else... Soap!! Making soap is so fun, you can play around with colours, scents and decorations, I made Rose, Lavender and Chamomile. These make lovely little gifts, its always nice to have something handmade.
Love Danielle

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