The One Hour Tan

I recently posted about a few of my favourite tanning products, but you may have read it and thought 'there is nothing here for a quick fix' and I here you.. sometimes we need to tan quickly, none of this going to bed and waking up glowing. Enter the one hour tan, yes you read that right the Cocoa Brown tanning mouse takes just one hour to work its magic. After seeing several rave reviews about this and being a big tanning fan I thought I ought to try it out, I mean this could be the end of stained pajamas and bed sheets. And did I mention it retails at £7.99?

Now I have to say when the product says one hour it does depend how dark you want the tan to be. The product description advises that for a light tan leave on for one hour, two hours for a medium tan and three hours for an ultra dark tan, now I initially went for two hours but ended up leaving it on for three, after which I washed off with water, no soap allowed, and was left looking suitably bronzed. I think three hours was the right shade for me, it was natural looking and unlike other bargain tanning mouses I have tried it doesn't have a funny undertone to it, it also smells reasonably nice. As with most tanning mouses you apply this to clean dry skin using a mitt, as advised I exfoliated and moisturized before hand for optimum results. I have found this tan fades naturally too and because it is such a quick thing to apply it is so easy to top your tan up.

So how does it compare to my holy grail Xen-Tan? I think the overall colour and longevity is very similar, and it takes half the time to achieve your desired colour. I think I may have found a new favourite....

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