This Time Last Week #1

I thought it was about time I gave my blog a regular feature, and after some deliberation I have come up with 'This Time Last Week' a Sunday post where I talk about what I got up to the previous Sunday, now if I am honest my life on a Sunday isn't always that exciting but when it is I will be sure to blog about it. So this time last Sunday I was on a train making my way up to London for Vodafone's London Fashion Weekend, it was such a fun day, one of my favourite things about the whole experience was seeing all the amazing street styles. Some of the most inspiring looks were really out there, think big hats, cartoon style clutch bags and clashing prints and bold colours. I really feel like I need to get more experimental with my style and push those boundaries, I also couldn't resist including a snap of Luca as he was showcasing his latest vintage purchase, a cord bomber jacket from To Be Worn Again in Brighton.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?


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