Night Out Essentials

Big night out on the town planned? Add the following to your shopping list...

Heels... not really my forte if I am honest, I am pretty useless when it comes to high heels and nine times out of ten I opt for a more comfortable option, but on that odd special occasion I do love a good ASOS pair, the fit is always perfect and the range of styles available means you can find the ideal pair to go with any outfit, my current favourite pair are the ASOS Positive pointed black high heels, this style is incredibly classic and the curve design really elongates the legs. I will be truthful though, these are most definitely style over comfort, that burn you get after wearing heels for too long? Yep, these sure deliver on that -these babies will kill your feet.

If I am getting all dolled up for an evening out I always like to have big, bouncy hair with lots of volume, to achieve that I use the Living Proof Instant Texture Mist, this can be used to prep the hair pre blow dry or as a finishing spray. This plus a backcombing brush equals big hair, I like to keep everything in place with a truly classic styling product - the L'oreal Elnet Hairspray, available in a variety of hold levels means there is something for everyone. If I am working with freshly washed hair then I like to use a couple of Velcro rollers through my parting for added oomph.

Last of all on my list but certainly not least is a big, dramatic pair of false lashes. Currently I am loving the Eylure 212's, these are bold, black and very full. To secure in place I use the Duo Lash Glue in clear/white, a steady hand and a pair of tweezers. I find I always have to trim my lashes slightly to fit the shape of my eye so have a pair of scissors handy too. Youtube is great for tutorials on putting on falsies if you are a newbie.

So in summary I like big hair, big lashes and high heels, what are your must haves for a night out? Comment below.

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