Healthy Eating: Clean and Lean Style

I'm not really into dieting, quick fixes and fasts never seem to work for anyone long term. Since joining the gym in July it has really inspired me to eat healthier, so avoiding all fad diets I purchased the James Duigan Clean and Lean Cookbook, he is all about a lifestyle change, overhauling the way we think about what we are putting into our bodies. His ethos is 'if it didn't come out of the ground, fly or run' then it's not clean. I have to say I was a little shocked to see such yummy recipes in this book, traditionally I think of diets to be very restrictive and boring so this book is perfect if that is putting you off.

The Clean and Lean book helps to kick start your new way of eating with a detailed 14 day menu plan which has lots of variety so it isn't like your eating the same thing everyday. One of my favourite recipes is the Clean and Lean Porridge which has to be the nicest I have tasted, it is a combination of rolled oats, almond milk, orange zest, cinnamon and berries, it really is the perfect winter breakfast for those dark mornings.

James Duigan encourages healthy snacking which helps to keep your metabolism going, and one snack I have been loving recently are the Nakd bars, they are made from all natural products and they are cold pressed, the don't contain wheat or dairy and are perfect mid morning or afternoon, my favourites are Cocoa Loco which comes in at around 100 calories, the Banana Bread is also really tasty and again it is low calorie.

Have you tried any recipes from the Clean and Lean Cookbook? What are some of your favourite? 

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