The Home Post: Ikea Love

Up until just before I got married I had never been to IKEA, I know right... how it took me twenty years I have no idea. In the car on my first ever IKEA expedition you could say I was pretty excited, you could even say I was ecstatic. Since then I have been back several times to feed my Swedish meatball addiction and to look at all the lovely home bits. On the last trip we picked up a few things for the bedroom which included a real Mad Men 60's style side table, it was the Lovbacken side table and it was £40, we got to the section where you go and find your beloved item all flat packed and they had run out! So after going back to the beginning and begging the lady in the lounge department we ended up walking away with the display table for £28 and it had already been built, result!

We also picked up these lovely perfume bottles for the bathroom but decided they looked nicer on the new table, the pack of three was around £8, money spent I thought. Another purchase was the lovely pink mug for a weeny £1.70, it makes the perfect house for fresh flowers.

I can't wait for the next trip to IKEA, just need an excuse to go now, and if you were wondering the candle pictured is Clean Cotton and it smells incredible. 

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