The Accessories Post

In my opinion accessories are the most important part of the outfit, they can transform the most simple dress into a real statement, I've already done a post about my favourite statement necklaces, which you can find here. I thought I would share with you some of my other key pieces for this season. First up is a bundle of bracelets from Pull and Bear, I first heard about this brand from Asos which is where these bracelets are from, since then I have visited the Pull and Bear shop in Brighton and they have some lovely pieces in stock, anyway back to accessories, these bracelets have a real tribal feel about them, there's a mixture of stones and colours that create a beautiful bit of arm candy, I like splitting the set between my two arms and pairing them with a few of my other bracelets just to give the set a little more individuality, I also like wearing these with my River Island finger rings, the set of two cost just three pounds and they have lasted really well so far, no green fingers as of yet!

Another accessory I have been religiously carrying around with me is my Whistles clutch, this is actually listed on their site as a make up bag but for me it is the perfect size for a night out, it is spacious enough to hold the essentials, you know - keys, card, phone, lipstick, but it is small enough to look chic and non bulky. It goes with everything too, it's black on one side and grey on the other, you can also get these in lots of other shades, there's a gorgeous mint blue one that I have had my eye on for a while.

Lastly is my newest addition to my shoe collection, these pretty olive green suede like brogues are absolutely perfect, again I picked these up on the Asos website and when they arrived they looked even better than they did online. Having a bright shoe means all you need is a classic smock dress and you instantly look well styled and put together, easy chic if you will.

 What are your favourite ways to finish off an outfit?


  1. I love the Whistles pouch! Great post!

  2. Accessories can indeed make or break an outfit! :) I love that Whistles clutch as well, xx

  3. love these accessories and couldn't agree more with you, accessories can transform outfits, even take them from day wear to night time wear <3 its amazing :)

  4. Whistles make such nice things x


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