Just Landed - Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

I absolutely loved The Body Shop's Nutriganics Drops of Youth Concentrate when it launched last year, and the rest of the range is so gentle yet effective when it comes to anti-ageing and keeping skin looking fresh and youthful, so when I heard that a new sleeping mask was on the horizon I knew it was something I needed to try...

The New Bouncy Sleeping mask has well and truly made its way into my everyday night time routine, this is the perfect final step in any skincare routine as the sticky gel like cream sits on the skin overnight sealing in night creams, serums etc. The innovative bounce back texture is super lightweight and easy to massage into the skin, I like to use my facial massager as this helps improve circulation and feels nice and relaxing.

The mask is packed with skin loving ingredients like Edelweiss plant extract - this precious plant is great for renewing skin cells, the stem cell technology used in the mask encourages the skins cell renewal and slows down the natural collagen breakdown that happens as we age, meaning the skins elasticity decreases at a slower rate, basically meaning younger looking skin, as well as that this mask is packed with hyaluronic acid which holds one hundred times its own weight in moisture so skin feels plump and hydrated when you wake up.

Will you be trying out the Bouncy Sleeping Mask? 

Keep an eye out for part two of the 'Just Landed' series as The Body Shop have also released a brand new hydrating primer! 

Disclaimer: Although I work for The Body Shop this in no way effects my opinion.

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