Two Simple Hair Up Ideas

If your looking for new ways to wear your hair up here are two pretty yet simple styles that can be created in a matter of minutes...

As with most things good preparation is key to achieving these easy hair up styles, first I wash my hair using the Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner, the shampoo is gentle enough to use every wash and the conditioner keeps hair feeling super soft and silky, I usually leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes so the formula can really have a chance to work its magic. After rinsing I towel dry my hair and brush through using the Wet Brush and a few spritzes of a detangling spray or leave in conditioner, my current favourite is the Body Shop Rainforest Detangling Milk for Coloured Hair, this keeps my colour looking fresh and adds an additional layer of moisture.

I like using a large paddle brush to blow dry my hair along with Bumble and Bumbles Thickening Spray to create volume, then I use my straighteners just to smooth the ends of my hair down otherwise it tends to look slightly wild, usually I use an oil like the L'Oreal Mythic Oil which keeps my hair hydrated and adds a nice healthy shine.

For a simple side plait I part my hair to the side and backcomb the roots slightly to create texture and volume, then I bring all the hair round to one side and plait it nice and tightly, then I secure the bottom with a hair tie. Next I pull at the plait creating a more loose/natural effect, you could also tease the plait using a backcombing brush, this makes the plait look nice and full. To frame my face I simply pull the hair around my face out of the braid, again this creates a more natural look. If you prefer something a little neater you can always take the end of the plait and secure it onto the head using hair clips, just make sure you tuck the end of the plait under a layer of hair to conceal the hair tie. Simply spray with a good hairspray for a style that will hold all day!

What are some of your favourite hair up ideas?


  1. Love the milkmaid style plait! Looks lovely!



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