Where To Eat: Brighton - The Creperie

When it comes to finding nice places to eat in Brighton it is hardly a struggle, The Creperie is one of Brighton's little gems that still feels somewhat undiscovered...

Nestled right along the coastline near the iconic Pier it is in the perfect setting when you are in the mood for a seaside snack, whether you are after something sweet or savoury this is the place to be. The menu was created by Karen Samuel and is packed with mouth watering delights like sweet crepes, waffles with chocolate and fruit, there is also a wide range of gelato and sorbet and some seriously delicious savoury dishes like the Mediterranean crepe filled with roasted vegetables including courgette, aubergines and peppers. On my most recent visit I chose the 'Soft and Mallow' sweet crepe - a freshly made soft crepe filled with white chocolate and baby marshmallows that had melted and turned into a truly tasty gooey mess - definitely one I recommend!  

The décor is also one of the reasons it is one of my favourite places in Brighton, it is a classic mix of French and English, filled with vintage enamel wear and cookery books filling the shelves behind the seating area.

Next time your visiting Brighton go and check out The Creperie, you won't be disappointed!

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