Pick Your Own Record Night

Vintage vinyls, iced coffee, homemade cake, and sparkling wine... Perfect evening? And I forgot to mention the best chips in town...

The Thieves Kitchen is nestled in Warwick Street, Worthing, by day this cafe is packed and with afternoon tea on the menu and a juice bar it is no surprise, by night however this little gem turns into the perfect spot to grab a drink with friends and listen to some amazing music. A few weeks ago I went along to a 'play your own record night' with as many of our records as Luca and I could carry. The DJ also had an extensive collection of vinyls spanning across the decades including hits from the 50's and 60's and soundtracks from films like Pulp Fiction and Grease.

The Smiths, The White Stripes and The New York Dolls were all popular selections as well as more obscure records. We ended the night dancing (and singing rather loudly) to Summer Loving so as you can imagine it was a pretty perfect evening.

Have you been to The Thieves Kitchen yet?

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