Where to go: Brighton - SILO

The pre-industrial food system that generates zero waste, uses products in their rawest form at the same time as creating delicious food. Introducing Brighton's greenest new haunt - SILO...

Wondering the North Laines the other day in search of something chocolaty I was lured into SILO, a new restaurant, bakery and coffee house in Upper Gardner Street with a beckoning display of goods in the front window. Fresh artisan breads, cakes, bakes, slices you name it - they have it, and all with that charming homemade look about them. I went for the hot chocolate, taste wise this place delivers a good hot chocolate, thick, creamy melted chocolate consistency - size wise though I could have definitely polished off at least two.

The menu looked as if it was packed with creative dishes and after a little research I discovered SILO locally sources all the ingredients used in their kitchens, they even mill their own flour, they rely on a network of ethical farmers, growers, tea merchants, the list is endless. All combine to create this very modern take on eating out.

The restaurant vibe is similar to that of places found in Brick Lane, the place is buzzing with tables packed with bearded twenty somethings all with their laptops spread all over the tables. The decor is very Pinterest worthy with chalkboards everywhere, exposed white bricks and the menus projected all over the walls.  We had to go away and do a little shopping before there was even a free table so definitely popular since its opening.

Will you be checking out SILO?

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