Beauty From the Inside Out


Being beautiful is often something that starts on the inside, it is hardly revolutionary that what goes inside your body has an effect on how your body looks on the outside, take food for example. I thought I would share with you some of the products I like to use on a daily basis. Herbal teas are a perfect way to start the morning, they are all natural and perfect if you are trying to cut calories as they require no milk, green tea is perfect for you dieters out there as it claims to curb your appetite and suppress hunger as well as speeding up your metabolism, not a fan of the taste? You can buy green tea in tablet form from places like Holland and Barret. As well as making you more resilient to illness Vitamin D is great for your skin and as seen as we get hardly any sun in England I like to take a Vitamin D supplement once daily. Another good supplement to take in Cod liver oil, great for your joints, these little capsules are full of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamins A and D. Epsom salts are perfect for detoxifying your body, take a hot bath with a good few handfuls of Epsom salts and relax for at least 20 minutes, models swear by this beauty trick. 

Do you have any beauty tips or tricks?

Hair and Beauty at London Fashion Weekend

One of my favourite bits of the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend was getting a backstage look at the brands behind Fashion Week, we saw hair makeovers inspired by the catwalk trends at Label.M and Toni and Guy, Label.M were creating fabulous looks one of my favourite being a Brigitte Bardot up do'. There was also lots of beauty happenings with manicures from the Essie team and makeovers by Maybelline who were showcasing all their lovely products including the new colour sensational stripped nudes.

As far as the hair and beauty trends on the catwalk from the trend show the looks were very natural with laid back hair and minimal make up. What hair and beauty trends are you most inspired by at the moment?

Shop The Catwalk at London Fashion Weekend

As I mentioned yesterday on Sunday I went up to London for the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend, I had never been before so the whole experience was really inspiring, lots of the designers featured in the trend show were showcasing their most recent collections and they were available to buy. Iris and Ink was a real standout for me, their separates were so classic and versatile and the fabrics were so luxe, the pallet was monochrome with pops of bold colour. Another designer I loved was womenswear and accessories designer Amanda Wakeley, I really liked the jewellery, it had a real ethnic feel to it, with the use of semi precious stones such as agate, they were real statement pieces. London based designer duo Emma Gushlow and Katrina Cole also showcased their stunning Gushlow and Cole line with beautiful fur stoles and scarves, I literally wanted to take the entire rail home!

Did you have a favourite designer this year?

Southern Joe's

I love a good foodie post and if you are reading this pre lunch break it will definitely make all your little tummies rumble. I went up to London on Sunday for the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend, which by the way was amazing, lots of posts to come. As I had the boy with me we decided to head over to Covent Garden for lunch, after looking around for somewhere for a while we came across 'Southern Joe's' the building looked so stylish and the menu was enticing so in we went. After staring at the menu for ages I finally decided on the half chicken roasted under a brick - sounds interesting right? Luca went for the pulled pork bun with chips. The food was delicious and I really recommend Southern Joe's next time you are in London.

Klorane Shampoo Review

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review.

I am always trying to stretch the days out in between hair washes, let's be honest no one likes drying their hair. So I am always on the look out for products that are going to help extend a hair wash, when I was sent this Klorane Nettle Shampoo specially formulated for oily hair I thought it would definitely be worth a go. I have been testing this out for a few weeks and it has really been helping keep oil at bay, the shampoo itself lathers up really well and makes my scalp feel really fresh and clean, it promises to detoxify your hair whilst still being gentle. I have also found that it gives my hair some much needed volume and texture.

I really recommend this if you find yourself washing your hair a little too often, it helps to re balance your hairs natural oils meaning you wont find your hair looking greasy a day after washing it. Klorane also have a dry shampoo that is part of the Nettle range which I can't wait to try.

What is your favourite shampoo at the moment?

You can buy Klorane products from

Topshop Mini Nail Trio

I picked up this lovely set in the Topshop sale a couple of weeks ago, it was originally £14 but I managed to find it reduced to a fiver! I hadn't previously tried a Topshop polish before, I rarely stray from my beloved Essie but at £5 for three nail polishes I thought it would be worth a try. I love the three shades in this set, Magpie is a beautiful clear polish with large holographic glitter, I love this layered over a nude shade like Essie St Tropez, the other glitter in the set is Gypsy Night, a black glossy polish flecked with orange and gold glitter, this looks so pretty, you need a good three coats for this to look amazing though. Lastly is my favourite of the trio, Dazzle is a pretty metallic rusty orange red shade that will suit lots of different skin tones. This shade looks great on all ten nails or as an accent nail with a more subtle shade. I love the brushes on the Topshop polishes, they are nice and wide making application easy and the lacquer itself lasts really well.

I am definely going to be picking up some more shades in Topshops' range, I know they have lots of pretty colours. What are some of your favourites?

The Must Have: Bioderma Micellar Solution

 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review.

After my recent skin care post featuring Avene's Gentle Cleanser I thought I would talk about another product that is also great if you have sensitive skin, enter the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Solution, specially made for sensitive skin this is hands down the best make up remover I have ever used, waterproof mascara literally disappears and matte heavy lipstick is long gone. The solution is a combination of oil in water molecules meaning that it is as gentle as a water cleanser but works just as well as an oil one ... best of both worlds. Like Avene's Gentle Cleanser this feels so lightweight and kind to the skin, after wiping this all over the face there is no need to rinse this off, just go straight onto moisturiser. Buying this cult french product used to be an eBay only affair but it is now available online at

The lovely people at Escentual also sent me a few Bioderma sample products to try and I have been loving the Sensibio Moisturiser as part of my evening routine. What are your favourite Bioderma products?

Eau Thermale Avene Skincare

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review.

When I received this in the post from I was really excited to try it, I always go past the Avene stand in boots and I never know which product to go for, I was sent the Extremely Gentle Cleanser which is perfect for sensitive and irritated skin types, I do get slight irritation around my cheek area so I was hoping this would work well for me, I have been using this now for a couple of weeks so I thought now would be a good time to share my opinions with you lovely lot.

This is described as fragrance free and as I previously mentioned it is specially formulated for more sensitive skin types, I found this cleaner to be very gentle and it has definitely calmed my skin's irritation down a lot. As directed I apply this to my face using a cotton pad and massage into the skin removing my make up, once I am happy all my foundation etc has been removed then I finish with a final swipe of this all over my face, as it is such a gentle cleanser there is no need to rinse this off. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

You can buy it online here for £8 for 200ml which I think is a great price for a French skincare brand.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks

As far as lipsticks go I think once you find a formula that you get on with you should invest in all the shades you like, that is what I am trying to do with the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks, for me these sum up everything I want in a lipstick, they are super pigmented, non-drying, long lasting, and moisturising all in one little product, these are so reasonably priced too and are often on three for two in Boots and Superdrug.

Currently I have the shades Coral Britannia, a gorgeous pale coral shade that is slightly metallic, Mayfair Red Lady, classic pillar box red with a hint of raspberry. Oxford Street Fuchsia, an incredibly girly cool pink shade that looks amazing with a neutral eye and bronzer and lastly Let's Get Naked, the perfect nude lipstick, it is my go to for work days, and paired with winged liner looks oh so 60's inspired. 

I can't wait to add more to my collection, I feel like I am missing a deep purple shade, any recommendations ladies?

The Four Product Face

We've all had that horrible feeling when we wake up and realize we have overslept, it is moments like this when you need a make up routine that will take a matter of seconds to apply. If you are in a rush or just want a low key natural look I would really recommend Rimmel London's BB Cream, this is a recent purchase that I just cannot get enough of, it feels so lightweight on the skin but the coverage is actually really good, this evens out my skin tone, and gives it the right amount of radiance, I have the shade medium and find it to be a good match. For under eyes I've been loving Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer, this is super brightening and is also great for blemishes so a great two in one. My brows are always in need of a neaten after a nights sleep and Maybellines' Brow Drama is perfect for a quick groom, I find the shade 'dark brown' a great match for me, this product is prefect for adding a hint of colour and keeping brows in place. Lastly is lips, if you are trying to keep things natural then I recommend a simple lip balm so your lips look in good condition without going overboard on colour. Classic Carmex Lip Balm moisturises and nourishes the lips without feeling sticky so it's perfect for a low key look.

The Bargain Dress

I have to be honest when I pop into a Tesco store the last thing on my mind is clothes, having said that I'm definitely not one to turn down a bargain so I just couldn't resist this Aztec smock dress when I saw it on the sale rail for a teeny £6! I wasn't even sure if I would like the fit and the colour seemed a little bold for me but for £6 there was no way I was leaving Tescos without it.

After trying it on I fell in love with it, the fit is very fitted on the arms and chest and the bottom half hangs beautifully. The 3/4 sleeves make this dress perfect for any time of year, I love wearing this with my vintage fur stole for a more wintery feel, I have also been pairing this dress with my latest charity shop find, a stunning silk scarf that cost a mere £2. I think the colours work so well together. Who would have thought you could create an outfit for £8! Be sure to check out your local charity shop, you can usually always find great buys like silk scarves, vintage jewellery, jumpers....

Have you got any bargains lately?

Keep on Scrubbin'

Exfoliation is the key to a glowing, radiant complexion. I like to use a good exfloliator on my body at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and renew my skin. But when it comes to my beauty routine exfoliation is a step I am always skipping, through sheer laziness of course, I mean there are so many amazing facial scrubs on the market, two of my favourites are from the wonderful brand Soap and Glory. 'Scrub Your Nose In It' is a scrub specially formulated to make pores appear smaller and prevent blemishes, it really brightens up the skins complexion, this is also marketed as a scrub/mask duo and it is recommended that you apply this and leave it on for two minutes allowing enough time for it to work its magic. The second scrub is the 'Greatest Scrub Of All' this one is for all skin types and it is great for un-clogging your pores after a week of wearing make up everyday, this is my favourite of the two, as with all Soap and Glory products these both smell amazing. I know they have recently re-packaged alot of their skincare range but I think they have kept the names all the same.

What are your thoughts on the new packaging?

The Accessories Post

In my opinion accessories are the most important part of the outfit, they can transform the most simple dress into a real statement, I've already done a post about my favourite statement necklaces, which you can find here. I thought I would share with you some of my other key pieces for this season. First up is a bundle of bracelets from Pull and Bear, I first heard about this brand from Asos which is where these bracelets are from, since then I have visited the Pull and Bear shop in Brighton and they have some lovely pieces in stock, anyway back to accessories, these bracelets have a real tribal feel about them, there's a mixture of stones and colours that create a beautiful bit of arm candy, I like splitting the set between my two arms and pairing them with a few of my other bracelets just to give the set a little more individuality, I also like wearing these with my River Island finger rings, the set of two cost just three pounds and they have lasted really well so far, no green fingers as of yet!

Another accessory I have been religiously carrying around with me is my Whistles clutch, this is actually listed on their site as a make up bag but for me it is the perfect size for a night out, it is spacious enough to hold the essentials, you know - keys, card, phone, lipstick, but it is small enough to look chic and non bulky. It goes with everything too, it's black on one side and grey on the other, you can also get these in lots of other shades, there's a gorgeous mint blue one that I have had my eye on for a while.

Lastly is my newest addition to my shoe collection, these pretty olive green suede like brogues are absolutely perfect, again I picked these up on the Asos website and when they arrived they looked even better than they did online. Having a bright shoe means all you need is a classic smock dress and you instantly look well styled and put together, easy chic if you will.

 What are your favourite ways to finish off an outfit?

The TMI Tag

I've seen a fair few Youtubers do the 'Too Much Information Tag' and I think it's a really nice way to get to know bloggers and youtubers better, so I thought I would give it a go in a blog post.So let's get started:
What are you wearing? I am currently still wearing my work clothes which consists of a Topshop dress with black tights.
Have you ever been in love? Of course, it's lovely as you can imagine.
Have you ever had a terrible break up? No, but from what I hear they aren't so lovely.
How tall are you? I am 5ft 5inches tall, I swear I was 5ft 3 but maybe I've had a late growth spurt.
How much do you weigh? I actually have no idea, I don't weigh myself, If my clothes still all fit I know I'm doing ok.
Do you have any tattoos? No, they aren't really my cup of tea.
Do you have any piercings? I have my ears pierced and the top of my right ear. I have also had in the past my neck and nose pierced.
OTP? I had to google this and it said it stands for one true pairing apparently... Beauty and the Beast.
What is your favourite TV show? Oooh tough one, I would say it's between Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire.
Who is your favourite band? The Shangri-las, Girls, Warpaint, The Specials... I could go on and on.
What is something you miss? I stopped drinking Coca Cola a while ago and I do miss it just a teeny bit.
What is your favourite song? At the moment it would be Leonard Cohen - So long Marianne.
How old are you? 21.
What is your zodiac sign? Pieces I believe.
Quality you look for in a partner? Kindness, a good sense of humor and a good body ... we are all a little shallow come on.
Favourite quote? 'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring' - Marilyn Monroe
Favourite actor/actress? Jack Lemmon.
Favourite colour? Olive green or orange.
Loud music or quiet? It depends on my mood but I'll say loud.
Where do you go when you are sad? Having a bath is always nice.
How long does it take you to shower? I'd say ten minutes if I am washing my hair.
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 20 minutes tops.
Ever been in a physical fight? No although I would probably just run away anyway.
Turn on? Good taste in music, films etc.
Turn off? Self obsession, people with no manners... obviously.
The reason you started blogging? I have always loved reading blogs and I felt I needed some form of expressing myself, I think blogging is a great way of doing that.
Fears? Death, spiders, getting lost.
Last thing that made you cry? Last night I watched the episode of Game of Thrones , you know the 'Red Wedding' one... massive cry.
Last time you said you loved someone? On the phone just now to my husband ... cheesy but true.
Meaning behind your blog name? I have no idea, I like rhyming words and the moon?
Last book you read? Women by Charles Bukowski, which I very much recommend.
The book your currently reading? I'm still reading my Paris Style Book for inspiration purposes.
Last show you watched? Game of Thrones!
Last person you talked to? Luca, my other half.
The relationship between you and the last person you texted? Again Luca.. I promise he isn't the only human I contact.
Favourite food? I just love pasta so much! Homemade bolognese with giant pasta is my all time favourite. I would definitely choose this if I had to pick my last ever meal on death row.
Place you want to visit? Rome, hopefully planning a trip for the end of this year.
Last place you were? At work, which is a lovely little Jewellers.
Do you have a crush? I am a little bit in love with Michael Pitt. 
Last time you kissed someone? This morning.
Last time you were insulted? I have no idea..
Favourite flavour of sweet? Cherry is always a winner in my eyes.
Do you play any instruments? I really wish I did but I dont.
Favourite piece of Jewellery? My engagement ring of course.
Last sport you played? Does the gym count? If so then I went to Bootcamp yesterday.
Last song you sang? The talking heads - Road to nowhere, in the bath yesterday like a crazy person.
Favourite chat up line? Hahaha it's been a while since I needed one.
Have you ever used it? No.
Last time you hung out with someone? Yesterday, had a lovely day off and I watched The Producers with the boy.
Who should answer these questions next? Everybody.

Dry Skin Fixes

I don't know about you but all this horrible weather really dries out my skin, I think central heating is also a contributing factor, what ever the cause it is always a good idea to have some skin saviors that will sort you out in no time. Recently I have been sampling the Nip & Fab Coconut Latte Body butter specially formulated for dry skin, now it says coconut latte but I get a more caramel scent out of this one, although I'm not complaining. This does the trick and is great to use pre fake tan on knees and elbows. Another body butter I have been loving is the Cocoa Butter from Palmers, now the smell of this is not to everybody's taste but I actually rather like it, it's a very heavy cocoa scent. The formula contains vitamin E making it super moisturising, I reach for this if I am about to get into bed or not planning on going out any time soon, I find this takes a while to sink into the skin. For a quick fix before a night out I tend to use Vaseline's Spray and Go Body Moisturiser in Aloe Vera, this is so light and fresh but it does the job really well even on really dry skin, it absorbs into the skin in no time at all meaning you can get dressed straight away without that greasy feeling.

 So there you have it, my dry skin trio, what are your current favourites? 
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