Where to Eat in London: The Diner - Camden

With Johnny Cash playing in the background and burgers to die for being served left right and centre, The Diner is definitely on my list of favourite places to eat in Camden...

Although nothing beats the street food stalls in Camden Lock, when you have spent the entire day shopping the idea of sitting down for dinner is incredibly appealing, so after a long stint of riffling through rack after rack of vintage clothes and records I decided to go find somewhere where I could grab a spot of dinner as well as a chair and that is when I came across The Diner - nestled in Jamestown Road just off the main street in Camden, the decor is a dark cherry red with leather seated booths and neon lights by the bar and the staff are equally as good looking.

Now for the food, I went for the BBQ Chicken Burger - pulled BBQ chicken with shredded lettuce, pickles, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce all sandwiched between a seeded bun. The chicken was tender and gorgeously flavoured, I also opted for a side of fries topped with melted cheese, cooked to perfection and piping hot these went down a treat. Luca chose the Grab Burger, classic American cheeseburger packed with two burger patties and covered in burger sauce I think it is safe to say he enjoyed it!

Have you ever eaten at The Diner? Where is your place to go for a good old burger?


Bath Time Essentials

My must have products for the ultimate bath time experience...

When it comes to it nothing is quite as relaxing as a hot bath especially one filled with fragrant luxurious bubbles, I love the Lush bubble bars as they not only fill the bath with a mountain of bubbles but they leave the skin feeling super soft and moisturised afterwards. Two new bubble bars I have been trying are from the Lush Christmas collection, first up is Holy Golightly - shaped like a Christmas pudding and covered in silver glitter this is perfect for a festive pamper evening, this bubble bar is packed with spicy Christmas scents like clove leaf oil, cinnamon leaf oil and sweet orange oil. Another Lush bar I love is Candy Mountain, this sweet bath treat is packed with comforting vanilla scent and turns the bath water a beautiful shade of pink. 

The Body Shop's Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt is also another bath time favourite, the perfect mixture of honey and wildflower give this bath melt a gorgeous fragrance, the creamy bubbles leave a rich layer of moisture on the skin. My final bath time must have is The Body Shop's Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub, this stuff smells incredible and the seed like texture lifts away dead skin helping to improve the body's circulation.

What are your favourite bathtime products? Have you tried anthing from the Lush Christmas range yet?

Disclaimer: Although I work for The Body Shop, this is no way effects my opinion.

Skincare Extras - Weekly Treats

My once a week skincare treats that keep my skin looking bright and hydrated...

My weekly treatment regime starts with my usual cleanse, for that I have been using The Body Shops Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, after that I wet my face and apply my Vitamin C Mircrodermabrasion scrub again from The Body Shop. Mircrodermabrasion is an intense treatment that buffs away the surface layer of the skin revealing a brighter complexion. I find my skin feels super soft after using this and the texture of my skin is smoother. The fine exfoliating beads are packed with Vitamin C, this ingrediant is great for reviving dull skin.

You simply cannot indugle in a pamper evening without a face mask, my current mask of choice is The Body Shops Honey and Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask, like my microdermabrasion treatment this gently buffs away dead skin cells with its grainy texture. The Community Fair Trade honey in this mask makes it super hydrating. I leave this on for ten minutes to reveal a fresh complexion that has been conditioned and moisturised.

What are your favourite skincare treatments?

Disclaimer - Although I work for The Body Shop, this in no way effects my opinion
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