Hair Resurrection

After years of dip dying my hair I can safely say the ends are pretty dead! I'm not quite brave enough to chop it all off and start a fresh, so I have turned to every sort of repair/damage control/serum/lotion..... anything to give my hair it's life back.

I have been looking for a good hair oil for a while now and when I stumbled across L'Oreal's Mythic Oil I thought I would give it a go.I had always been slightly skeptical when it came to an oil, my worry was that it would result in an oily finish... not sexy. Oh how wrong I was.

The Mythic Oil is like a hair resurrection product, I apply this to my hair on the ends in between blow drying and straightening/curling, it really does breathe a new lease of life into my do!

Available here at Look Fantastic.

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