Vintage Crate

I love eBay, it is a brilliant way of saving money. I actually used eBay alot for all my wedding table and room decorations which saved us tons. So when it came to making a house a home what better place to shop than eBay! I have been looking for a vintage fruit crate for ages after seeing one in Luca’s mums kitchen filled with all her cookery books, I looked online and in shabby chic independent shops and they were going for ridiculous amounts (like £30!!!) I even went to local green grocers to try and get an un-used one, but I had no such luck.

So after spending half an hour or so going through the eBay listings I found the one! it was £12 for the crate including postage which is great as its pretty heavy! It is from 1960 and was used for fruit and veg. It came within a few days so I got to work on how best to use it. After looking for inspiration on Pinterest I found a picture of a crate being used as a bed side table! So after playing around with our bedroom layout and filling it with books it was ready! Doesn’t it look lovely……

Love Danielle

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