'He's a Rebel and he'll never ever be any good'

This tinted moisturiser 'You Rebel' by Benefit Cosmetics has been in my make up stash for ages! It's a product that I have used a lot but for some reason has fallen out of my daily make up routine. I think I had replaced this for something with fuller coverage, however now the weather is lovely I don't want my face to have much product on it so I've dug this back out. 

Obviously being a tinted moisturiser this does have little coverage, it is enough to even out my skin tone and adds a little sun protection with SPF 15. This product comes in only two colours, and 'You Rebel' is the darkest of the two so I'm not sure the shade range is going to suit everybody. 

This, along with a little concealer is the perfect 'no make up' make up, it does give my skin a nice glow so if you have slightly oily skin you may need a little powder. It also has great staying power so keeps you looking great all day. Compared to some other tinted moisturiser products this one is a tad more expensive at £24.50 in boots, I do think it is worth the extra pennies for the quality of the product, and as I said I have had this a while now and think I still have a third of the tube left (with a few squeezes!!!) 

Are you a fan of 'You Rebel' and Benefit?

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