Notting Hill Carnival

This year was my first year at Notting Hill Carnival, I can't believe I have never been before, it is amazing. The sights, the smells, the entertainment ...  all creates the most incredible atmosphere and not to mention all the gorgeous costumes! People are literally dancing in the streets of Notting Hill dressed in feathers, flowers and headdresses to all sorts of music. The food is delicious, real authentic Jamaican Jerk chicken sold on stalls and out of peoples windows. The weather this year was lovely as well and the sunshine really added to the vibe.

If you are thinking of going next year I would really recommend it, we decided to stay in London but you could just as easily come home again after the carnival is finished. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip either, just bring a few beers and you'll be set for the day.


  1. I've heard soooo much about the carnival! And now that I look through your photos - I really want to be a part of it sometime. Is it really that fun?


    1. It's amazing!! You should go next year for sure! X


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