Brighton - JB's American Diner

Where to eat in Brighton featuring JB's American Diner

When I want a good burger there is really no place better than JB's American diner, situated right on Brighton's seafront it couldn't be better located. The interior is classically American with flags, neon lights and memorabilia from the 50's and 60's, seriously it couldn't be any cooler if it tried. Background music consists of Elvis, Johnny Cash and just about any hit produced by Phil Spector.

The food is of course delicious, the portions are super size so if your hungry this is the place to be. Burgers can be topped with just about any added extra from chili con carne to rashers upon rashers of perfectly cooked bacon. I went for the Foot Long Hot Dog completed with chili and cheese and of course fries. If your still feeling a little peckish then turn your attention to the pudding menu, complete with American desserts such as Pancakes with berry compote, the best thing on the menu in my opinion though is the milkshakes, the selection is fabulous, Milky Bar, Mint Chocolate, Fudge... you name it they have got it.

Have you been to JB's Diner yet?


  1. We used to live in Brighton, but I actually never tried this place! It looks really good. When we popped down a few weeks ago, we went to Meat Liquor, which was really great but very dark inside, and oh my goodness, the portions were massive! Lovely post, I will definitely keep this place in mind next time we visit Brighton. xx

    1. Oooh Meat liquor is amazing isnt it! Yeah you should definitely check JB's Diner out:) Thanks for reading!x


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