New Skincare and Haircare Additions

Disclaimer - Although I work for The Body Shop this in no way effects my opinion. 
Recent purchases that made it to the top of the favourites list.

When it comes to cleansers I have tried a fair few, oil cleansers however have never appealed to me mainly because my skin is oily and putting and oil based product onto my skin feels like a big no no, that being said however Kate from Gh0stparties recently revised the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop and loved it so I thought it must be worth a try, and I have to say I am now fully converted to oil cleansers. Of course it is a common misconception that an oil based product will increase the skins own oil production, this particular oil cleanser is gentle and effective and removes dirt and make up in an instant, I apply this onto dry skin and then add water to emulsify the product which produces a rich, soapy lather. Then using a warm muslin cloth I remove the product to reveal a nice cleansed face, If I am in a hurry however I will use The Body Shop's Vitamin E Cleansing Facial Bar which effectively removes dirt and impurities whilst providing the skin with hydration.

Another moisturising product on my list is the Origins Overnight Drink Up Intensive Mask, this is perfect if my skin is feeling dehydrated, I just pop this on right before bed and wake up to thirst quenched skin. The last product on my list is in the hair care
category, something not often mentioned on my blog as it takes a real backseat in my entire beauty regime, this product however deserves a mention, the NSPA Hair and Scalp Miracle Mask  is the perfect hair treatment, I was looking for a rescue and repair product that would not weigh down my roots and mid lengths but that would still be rich and hydrating enough for my ends, I had previously tried masks that direct users to apply only to the ends so as not to weigh down the roots, my hair however is incredibly hard to brush post hair wash so ideally I needed a product that would smooth and condition all my hair - not just the ends, that is why I love this mask, it is super hydrating at the same time it is great for my roots as it is so lightweight. As directed I apply this after my usual shampoo and conditioner routine, I massage this into my scalp working it right through the lengths of my hair to the very ends. I leave this on for around five minutes and rinse thoroughly.  I do this once or twice a week depending on how in need of a treatment my hair is.

That is it for my most recent additions, I am sure it won't be long until my next haul post... I may have made a few cheeky purchases already... Stay tuned.


  1. I swear by Origins Drink Up Intense Over night mask, it's absolutely amazing! :o) Xx Makeup by Candlelight

    1. So good isn't it! Their treatment lotion is a must in my routine too! x

  2. I've wanted to try the Drink Up intensive mask for so long, finally need to purchase it already hehe x



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