An Old Favourite - Herbal Essences

There is nothing like falling back in love with an old flame, that's exactly whats happened with my love for the original Herbal Essences collection.. 

I recently purchased the Shimmering Colour Shampoo and Conditioner after Herbal Essences bought back a few favourites from the old collection, this duo contains hibiscus, ylang ylang and raspberry and they smell divine. Formulated especially for coloured and highlighted hair it is perfect for my ombred locks. This feels super nourishing on my hair without being heavy or weighing it down at all. The shampoo lathers up really well and removes all product build up without stripping the hair of its natural oils. The conditioner makes pre wash brushing a tangle free experience and gives the hair a lovely healthy shine. I am so pleased Herbal Essences have re released these old originals, let's hope they are here to stay! I think I'll be popping back into Boots to pick up the Moisture Balance Duo with Chamomile and Aloe Vera... sounds dreamy.

The Staple Red Nail

Create a bold statement with Ciate Play Date...

There is something so classic about a red nail, and Play Date by Ciate is no exception, this has to be the perfect shade for a bright, bold look. The formula of this is wonderful, it dries glossy and smooth and best of all - quickly. The hue itself is a true red, no cool undertones and not at all orange. I really recommend using a base coat with this to avoid staining your nails. This is the first Ciate polish I have tried and I am really impressed, the bottle is adorable with the little bow and the brand have some beautiful collections. These retail at £9 each but check out as they have lots of shades including Play Date in the Sale! 

What is your favourite shade for rocking this classic look?

Soap & Glory Youth Face Wash

Looking for a perfect make up removal and facial cleanse all in one? Look no further than Soap and Glory's Youth Face Wash with exfoliating microbeads...

I have to admit I am not normally one for using a face wash, I am more of a cleanse and tone kinda gal. I always associate face washes with dry, stripped skin. Face washes usually leave my skin feeling tight and in need of a good moisturiser so I was a little skeptical when trying Soap and Glory's The Daily Youth Foaming Face Wash. I picked this up on a whim in Boots one afternoon, I am a big fan of the Soap and Glory skincare range, the masks in particular so I thought a face wash was worth trying, and I am really glad I did. This is perfect for those moments when you need an instant skin cleanse, it removes most of my make up with ease and really makes the skin feel fresh and clean, my favourite thing about this beauty is that my skin feels plump and moisturized afterwards. The scent of this is lovely, its ingredients include peach, go juice and guarana and also has those lovely melt in mircobeads that smooth and gently exfoliate the skin.

If you don't have time for the usual steps in your skincare routine and are looking for a quick fix then I really recommend this product, use this with a micellar cleansing water to remove mascara and follow up with a moisturiser like the Una Brennan Super Facialist Daily Moisturiser and you've got yourself a mini facial routine with minimal effort. Think this will be my go to cleanser for on the go! 

What is your must have skincare product at the moment? Share in the comments box below!

Super Facialist Daily Moisturiser

Super Facialist is one of those brands that you discover in the aisles of Boots and never look back, I could quite happily devote my entire skincare routine to Una Brennan products.

I have recently been looking for a daily moisturiser that contains a little sun protection but a lot of products I have tried have been too rich for the day time and have left my make up slipping and sliding off... not a good look. I picked up the Super Facialist Vitamin C Brightening Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser as it is lightweight and contains UV protection. I love using this after cleansing, it feels so refreshing, it has a lovely citrus scent to it and the bottle has a pump so its easy to control how much you use.

This product also promises to brighten your complexion with results noticeable after three weeks, I have to say my skin is feeling and looking more healthy after using this, I really recommend this if you are looking for a light day time moisturiser that isn't going to be too heavy and rich. The vitamin C helps to give your skin that added boost making your overall complexion much healthier.

I just cannot get enough of the Una Brennan products, everything I have tried so far has been amazing, what are your favourites? Have you tried the Daily Moisturiser yet? Let me know in the comments.

Hair Styling Must Haves

The products you need for volume and texture all with a tangle free brushing experience ... Hello Wet Brush!

It wasn't so long ago that I was a wash n go' kinda gal, but since joining the gym I have been forced to wash my hair more than I would like to, no one likes sweaty hair! And as we all know the more you wash it the less volume it has. So in a bid to achieve more volume I have come across some real styling gems...
The Wet Brush - I have never got on with a Tangle Teezer, the no handle thing makes brushing a little bit of a pain, so when I saw The Wet Brush, which comes with all the same 'no pain, easy brushing..' promises with the added benefit of a handle I couldn't resist a purchase. This has changed my life! No lie I save about ten minutes with this brush! No more eyes watering because my brush gets stuck .. I have pretty unruly hair ok. Easier brushing also means I'm not using as much conditioner as I used to meaning more volume!
Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray - This is beach hair in a bottle, It gives the hair such a lived in texture that can be quite hard to achieve with freshly washed hair, did I mention this smells divine too ...
Bed Head Colour Goddess - Leave in conditioner is a must if you have the whole ombre look, coloured ends need all the help they can get and this does just the trick. Apply this after towel drying for beautiful shiny locks.
Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun Finish - This lightweight spray can take your hair from fine and flat to full and thick, it really is magic in a bottle, unlike the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray this feels almost invisible in the hair. I spray this on the roots to add a little bounce to my barnet.
Bumble & Bumble Hair (un) Dressing Creme - This is a pre-blow dry creme that helps to give the hair a lived in gritty feel, it adds so much texture. This plus an upside down blast with the hairdryer and flat hair is long gone!
V05 High Volume Hairspray - I like to use a hairspray to keep all my hard styling work in place, I am currently loving this one by V05, it also adds a lovely shine to the hair to keep it looking super healthy.
What are some of your favourite styling products?

Creating a Flawless Base

A step by step guide on creating that flawless base...

It's a common problem when it comes to perfecting a flawless make up look, you find the perfect shade foundation, the right coverage etc but it just doesn't last ... fast forward a few hours and your on a night out starring at a pasty, flaky, patchy complexion and yes that is your reflection in the mirror of the ladies loos. How do we get our make up to last a little longer? I have a few essential products that are just the trick.

Step one: Prime! If you want your foundation to last then it is really important to prime! This key layer gives your foundation something to cling to, red skin? oily? dry? No worries, primers come in all sorts of types, so you can correct any flaws before you even start on foundation, you may even find you wear less, hello natural! My favourite primer is Revlon Skin Lights in Bare Light, this is tinted and gives the skin a radiant feel without making me super shiny.
Step two: Foundation, choose a foundation that works for your skin type, I prefer to go a little more full coverage when it comes to an evening on the town, my current go to is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in shade 6, this baby doesn't budge, is sweat proof (we have all had a crazy moment on the dance floor) and doesn't contain SPF making it great for flash photos.
Step three: Highlight and contour! Bronzer is the secret weapon of woman without cheekbones, if like me your not blessed with amazing bone structure - fake it! A matte bronzer or one with minimal shimmer like Nars Laguna can create cheekbones to die for all with the help of an angled brush. Not a bronzer fan? Try applying your blush on top of your cheekbones instead of the apples of the cheeks, it is way more flattering, I have been loving Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush in So Pretty, it is a gorgeous natural flushed shade, truly living up to its name!
Step four: Powder! A step I used to skip, but after discovering Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blot, a super translucent setting powder, it is now the most important step in my routine. Use this one the T-zone to keep shine at bay and keep foundation in place.

What are your essentials for a night out? Any tips on how to make your make up last? Comment below!

March - Through the Lens

I take so many photographs for my blog there are so many that don't make it into the final edit of my posts, so I thought I would start a monthly photo diary that I can look back on. The month of March was a busy one for me, I dedicated a lot of time to my little blog, Luca and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we made the most of the English weather by having days out. Hopefully April will be just as good, look out for next months 'Through the Lens' post.

Models Own Magpie Green

After seeing all the hype in the beauty world around the Models Own Speckled Eggs range I was super excited for them to be available in my local Boots and Superdrug, however seeing the bottles in the flesh made me feel a little deflated, it just didn't look as pretty as I thought it would, I thought I would still get one to try so I could do a little blog review, and I am so glad I did! This speckled effect is so pretty on the nails, I chose the shade 'Magpie Green' - a lovely minty hue with black speckles. I applied two coats along with my usual base and top coat and it lasted a good four days without any pesky chips. The other shades in the collection are lovely and I really cannot wait to try 'Dove Pink'. These retail at £5 each but Boots are currently running a two for £8 offer at the moment.

Have you tried any polishes from this range? What is your favourite Models Own nail lacquer?

Lush Wonder Woohoo

Lush is one of those shops that you just cannot help but be tempted into, you can smell it from a mile away! I love their fresh handmade products and the brands ethics are very admirable. I hadn't made a Lush purchase in quite some time so I couldn't resist one of their limited edition Mother's Day Bubble Bars, I went for Wonder Woohoo, inspired by Wonder Woman this bar smells incredible, it is full of Brazilian Orange oil and Sandalwood, the overall scent is warm and fruity. The bar is covered in a gold glimmer lustre that sends shimmers running through the bath water. I got two uses out of this bar and I crumbled it under the running water, it created yellow bubbly water that was really moisturising on my skin leaving it so soft.

At £3.95 these are great value for money, a bubble bar can last up to three baths depending on how big the bar is! I cant wait to try more of their products out!

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