Lush Wonder Woohoo

Lush is one of those shops that you just cannot help but be tempted into, you can smell it from a mile away! I love their fresh handmade products and the brands ethics are very admirable. I hadn't made a Lush purchase in quite some time so I couldn't resist one of their limited edition Mother's Day Bubble Bars, I went for Wonder Woohoo, inspired by Wonder Woman this bar smells incredible, it is full of Brazilian Orange oil and Sandalwood, the overall scent is warm and fruity. The bar is covered in a gold glimmer lustre that sends shimmers running through the bath water. I got two uses out of this bar and I crumbled it under the running water, it created yellow bubbly water that was really moisturising on my skin leaving it so soft.

At £3.95 these are great value for money, a bubble bar can last up to three baths depending on how big the bar is! I cant wait to try more of their products out!

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