Bumble and Bumble

I'm not great when it comes to haircare, I'm more of a wash and go girl, and my husband has no idea why I feel the need to spend all our pennies on 'hair stuff'  so Bumble and Bumble isn't a brand that usually makes it's way into my bathroom cupboard. 

After deciding the laziest look to create is a messy one I ordered the Bb Texture (un) dressing creme, that promises a undone yet done look as modeled by the sexy Guess models in the photo below. I went for the 60ml size as I like to try things out before splurging. This product gives lift, volume, texture and adds some grit to the hair. I apply this to damp hair and work it into my roots and mid-lengths before blow drying upside down for even more volume. This is definitely something I would re-purchase full size. 150ml retails at £22.00

Next up is the Bb Thickening hairspray 50ml which came free with this months Elle Magazine, this product promises a lot; it says it thickens and hold fly away locks, it contains wheat proteins that moisturise and condition, and honey extract repair split ends. From my extensive tests on this miniature I can say it does live up to my expectations, my hair looks a lot fuller and thicker after using this, and my ends look in a nicer condition after a few spritzes of this.The full size bottle of this is £21.50 for 250ml and I can see it lasting a good while as I only use a few pumps each time. 

The two volumizing products combined create that sexy bedhead look that holds all day.

Did you pick up this months Elle?


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