Paris Part Deux

I have so many pictures from my honeymoon! One of the best parts about the Latin Quarter where we stayed was the local cinema, it was tiny! It had a little ticket booth outside, it really was like something out of a movie! Not at all like most cinemas today, I mean it probably only had about 20 seats and with a name like Le Desperado how could we not spend almost every evening there!

Le Desperado were having a Alfred Hitchcock week during our stay, all the movies were played in English with French subtitles which was great, The first night we watched ‘ The Man Who Knew too Much’ – 1934. It was really tense! The next night we went they were showing ‘Notorious’ -1946 with the ever so handsome Cary Grant. On our last night in Paris we watched Psycho!! Definitely wasn’t scared to shower after that;)

Love Danielle

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