Favourite Perfumes

I thought it was about time I shared two of my favourite perfumes with you, I always wear perfume, for work it is normally something like The Body Shop eau de toilette's or the rub on sticks they do in Lush (Karma smells amazing!) For something a little more special though I like to turn to one of the following:

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche - This is such a beautiful scent, it is so fresh and light, not at all heavy. This is great for the summertime with its floral notes. This really lasts as well, so you ends up getting good value for your money. The bottle is really sleek and sophisticated, well it is Chanel. 

50ml eau de toilette £52 available here

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules - This was my first ever Cult Beauty purchase, after reading a few reviews I couldn't resist putting it in my online basket. Molecule 01 is created from one aroma chemical, Iso E Super, this chemical is normally used in perfumes as an alluring base note with its woody, velvety scent. This chemical works with your body's natural scents to create something different on everyone. It is like having your very own bespoke fragrance. Unlike the Chanel, I can't really smell this one myself, but it is the fragrance I get the most compliments on.

100ml £65.50 available here

What is your favourite perfume?

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