New Purchases From Essie

After looking through my humble Essie Lacquer collection the other day I decided I need to step away from neutrals and deep reds and get slightly more adventurous.I spent ages in Superdrug deliberating over colours, I don't know whether you've noticed but Essie's shade range is huge and picking between two coral colours that are only slightly different can seriously slow down the whole shopping experience. In the end I went for Chubby Cheeks, a delicious reddy coral shade that is a lot less orange than say Tart Deco. This looks really nice against my skin tone and helps to liven up my look. The other colour I chose was Sew Psyched, when I try to describe this it doesn't sound great; it's a dull light army style colour, but I mean that in the nicest possible way because this has become my new favourite Essie Lacquer. It is just so wearable!

What is your favourite nail polish brand?


  1. That khaki coloured one, Sew Psyched?, looks so amazing! I'm definitely going to have to look for that next time I'm in Boots.
    I love your blog, and I'm your newest Bloglovin' follower.
    I've recently started my own blog, it'd be amazing if you'd stop by?!

    1. Thanks, yea it's such a pretty colour! Thanks for following:) ill check your blog out:)xx


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