Faking Fabulous Lashes

Not all of us are blessed with naturally thick, dark long lashes, but that doesn't mean we can't all have them...

I have unusual eyelashes, you know the type that are super long but ridiculously straight? Yeah those. No matter what mascara/eyelash curler combo I go for it never quite looks perfect. So recently I have been using individual eyelashes. Unlike strip lashes that have to be removed each night individual lashes can last for up to 7 days depending on how gentle you are with them, they can even have mascara coated on top and removed and they stay put. My all time favourites are the Eylure individual lashes in black, you receive three rows of lashes, short, medium and long. Using a combination of the three really helps to create an elongated natural effect. I like using the Eylure Superfix glue in black as I think it blends in nicely and makes the lash line look more full.

Not got time for individuals? Try the Eylure strip lashes in 154 'Texture' these are full and natural in length and the strip is clear meaning they are more undetectable. If you have sparse lashes then these will be great for you as the lashes are super dense. Unlike the individual lashes these can be reused, I like to give them a quick wipe post night out with some make up remover and then they are as good as new.

If falsies are just not for you then you can still create bold lashes with the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, this gives a natural yet defined look to the eyes, remember if your eyelashes don't hold a curl too well try switching to a waterproof mascara, the formulas are a little different and are a lot better at keeping that curl in tact. Finally to give my lashes that extra full look I use the Bourjois Intuitive Liner, the nib - made up of three dots this can be doted along the lash line to give the appearance of denser lashes.

What are your favourite products for cheating fabulous lashes?

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