Make Your Own: Butterfly Pendant

When it comes to jewellery there is nothing better than something unique and unusual, I love this D.I.Y tutorial for this pretty butterfly pendant, I have been wearing these non stop recently and creating all sorts of looks by wearing these along with the high streets latest accessories. 

To make one pendant you will need:
A small glass vial with a cork lid, the size is really up to you, we prefer a small size approximately 4cm in height.  
Butterfly wings, these can be found on eBay, look for sellers who are conservationists as you can be sure the butterfly died of natural causes.
Metal hook and eye with screw.
Metal jump ring large enough to thread your chain through.
A pair of tweezers.
A small set of pliers.
You really don't need to be very creative for this as the wings are already so beautiful, all you need to do is choose your wings and using the tweezers carefully place them inside your glass vial, once you are happy with the look then glue the cork in securely, next screw the hook and eye into the center of the cork. Then using the small pliers take your jump ring and attach it onto the hook and eye, now you are ready to thread your pendant through.  
Don't be afraid to get experimental with this D.I.Y, you could also try dried flowers for a pretty effect. 

Have you ever tried making your own jewellery?

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