Sugar Crush - Soap and Glory

Buying your body wash isn't exactly the most exciting purchase you will make this week let's face it but it is an essential. I never give much thought to which body wash to pick but whilst scamming the aisles of boots the other day I couldn't resist smelling every Soap and Glory product on the shelf, the Sugar Crush Fresh and Foamy body wash was just calling to me so of course I made my purchase fast before I was persuaded to buy anything else.

First of all this smells really really good, like good enough to eat, it definitely lives on the 'this is not allowed for nosy husbands shelf ' in the bathroom. It is just too good to share, the scent is really awakening so it is a great product for your morning shower, it contains lime oil and omega rich veggie oil making it really moisturising. Soap and Glory have a whole range of  Sugar Crush products including an amazing body scrub, next purchase maybe?

Maybe body wash isn't so boring after all...

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