The Effortless Topknot

Sometimes less is more and if you have gone for a dramatic look with your make up or your outfit is making a real statement a simple topknot is all that is needed. However this particaular style can sometimes be harder that it looks, and creating the effortless 'I just threw my hair up' kinda style takes a little prep...

First start with second day hair, from personal experiance freshly washed hair likes to slide around alot and is a little less managable. So your hair will need a refresh, for that I use Batiste's XXL Volume Dry Shampoo, this guarentees oil free hair and it gives that much needed volume boost which is essential for creating this look. I spray this into the roots of my hair and leave for a few seconds, then using my fingers I gently rub it in making sure all the powder is absorbed, if your hair is super dark you might want to consider a coloured dry shampoo as this will help you to avoid the 'grey' root look that the original formula can often give.

Once you have freshened up your roots then you can look to add volume to the rest of your hair, I like to use a dry texturising spray like the Bumble and Bumble Dryspun thickening spray but if you are looking for a budget option then the Charles Worthington Dry Texturising Spray also works wonders. Also a backcombing brush can be a great way to  achieve thickness, gently tease and the roots to create more volume and texture.

Once your hair starts to resemble a birds nest with all the backcombing and thickening then you can begin to form the topkot, tip head up side down to secure into a tight high ponytail using a hair tie, don't worry that it looks too pulled back we will fix that later, next begin wrapping the hair around the hair tie and secure with hair grips, try to do this in an organic, messy way, the more 'thrown up' it looks the more effortless it will appear. If it is looking too neat loosen the bun slightly by pulling out strands of hair. Lastly pull out hair to frame the face and give the hair that is pulled back more volume.

Finally spray with a good hairspray to keep the topknot in place and you are good to go! Will you be trying out this simple look?

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