Oh I Wish I Had a Suntan, I Wish I Had a Pizza and a Bottle of Wine

Over the past few months my tanning routine has taken abit of a backseat in my beauty regime, but now the sun is back and so is the tan. After running out of Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe Ultra Dark I replaced it with a St Moritz Mouse just in case I need a little extra glow for a night out, but nothing really compared to the Xen-Tan so I may have made a cheeky Feel Unique purchase. What I love about this self tan is that it is the nicest colour, not at all orange and it doesn't have the green tinge to it that St Moritz does, it's a true sun tan colour making it by far the most natural looking one I have tried. This is described as a weekly tan and as long as you have exfoliated and moisturized before hand I think it lasts a whole week, when it does eventually fade it does it gracefully and by that I mean you don't end up looking like you have some sort of skin disease.

Now you may be thinking that the Xen-Tan is just too much for you, so if you like to keep things just a little more subtle then I have the product for you, a gradual tanner like Garnier Summer Body allows you to be in control of how dark you go, just use this as a moisturiser, making sure you apply evenly and wash those hands afterwards and you will look perfectly bronzed. If after one use you have achieved your desired shade then your good to glow, not quite tanned enough? Just use again the day after to build on what you have already applied. As far as gradual tanning lotions go this is bar far the best I have tried, it leaves the skin feeling nourished and soft as well as providing a beautiful tan.

Are you more of a gradual tanning gal or is it mitts at the ready??

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