The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

I love scented candles, but with brands like Dipytque and Neom selling candles for ££40 plus it can sometimes feel like you are literally burning money. So how do you get heavenly scented rooms without spending a lot? I may have found the answer...
Whenever I walk past The Body Shop I am always lured in by the smell, whether it be strawberry or satsuma, it always smells amazing. I have never really paid much attention to their home fragrance section in my local Body Shop but whilst browsing the other day I happened to see the fragrant oils are £4! The collection is really varied, with fresh scents to warm, musky deep fragrances. All you need to use these little beauties is an oil burner, a little water and a tea light.

I picked up 'satsuma', a warm zesty fruity scent, after using this for only 20 minutes my entire house smelt incredible, You will find this little bottle lasts ages too as you only need a few drops each use.

Have you tried anything from the Body Shop home fragrance range?

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