Homemade Soaps

When it comes to gifts, I personally think there is nothing better than something handmade whether it just be a card or a lovingly made jar of homemade jam, the fact that someone has taken the time to create something special and one of a kind makes the gift much more meaningful. I felt inspired to make my own soap after reading an article in Homemaker magazine, once I bought my key ingredients I realised I had enough to make lots of different soaps, so over the past few months I have been experimenting with all sorts of scents, textures and colours.

For this D.I.Y I made Peppermint and Vanilla soaps and here is how I made them:
Ingredients  -
500grms of melt and pour soap base, cubed
Two tablespoons of almond oil
Peppermint oil
Dried rose buds and petals
Vanilla paste
Silicone molds
A jug
A mixing bowl
Natural colouring of your choice, I used blue.

First of all make sure your melt and pour soap base is suitable for the microwave and then place in a bowl, microwave at full heat for one and a half minutes or until it is completely liquid. Next add the almond oil and stir. Split your mixture into two, to mixture one add a teaspoon of the vanilla paste, and to mixture two add the colouring and several drops of peppermint oil. Begin pouring both your mixtures into your silicone molds, after you have reached the top then you can place your decorations on top, I used rose buds and petals. I left mine for around six hours and then I removed them from the casing, just make sure the soaps are fully set. I always leave my soaps to cure for a few months before using them, I just store them in a cool dry place until they are ready. The next step is the fun part, gift wrapping! I use clear wrapping sheets and luggage tags to give a vintage feel to my soaps but you can really get creative here with all sorts of designs. These soaps also look lovely displayed on bathroom cabinets and sinks for guests or just for yourself!

I hope you now feel inspired to get making, don't forget to link your ideas and makes in the comment section below.


  1. wow what a great idea and such a lovely post! Will definitely have a go at making my own soaps. Where do you buy your soap base from??


    1. Thank you! I get my soap base from eBay, think the last lot I got was about £5 for one kg, which makes around 40 soaps!x


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