Aloe Soothing Day and Night Cream

The Body shops Aloe Vera range is gorgeous, and the day and night creams are no exception. I have quite sensitive skin and am prone to a little redness if I use certain products so seeing 'for sensitive skin' on a label makes me very happy. I am a firm believer in moisturising both day and night to keep my skin looking nice and healthy.

I purchased the Aloe Soothing Day and Night creams a while ago now so they are certainly well tested, both are a very rich and creamy texture and when applied to the skin it skins in really well, the day cream is light and is great for applying after cleansing and before make up, keeping the skin hydrated all day. The night cream is a lot more intensive and really helps to restore the skins radiant glow, I apply this at the end of my bed time routine so it has all night to work its magic.

They come in 50ml pots and have lasted me a long while, I also think they are great value for money, the day cream is £10.00 and the night cream is £11.00. There is a whole Aloe Vera range available at The Body Shop so if you have sensitive skin then I really recommend taking a look at the website here.


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