Black and Gold

I'm quite boring when it comes to nails, I like dark or neutral hues on a short and slightly rounded nail, this week though I thought I would switch things up a little and throw on a bit of glitter, so for that I roped in Barry M's most sparkly offering 'Gold Glitter' This polish is a clear varnish with lots of glitter, so it can be worn on its own or layered over another colour.

As I was easing myself into the look I only applied it to two nails, the rest I painted using Essie's Liquorice which is the blackest of blacks. I like my nails to last at least four to five days so I use a base coat in the form of Sally Hansen's Double Duty Strengthening Top and Base Coat, this makes taking your polish off a hell of a lot easier as well. For the shiny top coat I use Seche Nail Lacquer. This is my manicure staple product! It dries so fast... like really fast! It makes the whole process of doing your nails less of a bother.

As I have used a base and top coat, this will last for minimum four days without chipping, then to remove it all and start again I will be using Tesco's Nail Varnish Remover, I find this one really gets the glitter off, which can be a pain!

Are you into the natural look when it comes to nails? or do you like to spice things up with lots of glitter and bright colours?

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