Salts and Soaps

Every now and then I get the idea to do something a little more creative with my spare time, and a while ago after thinking just that I decided to get a tad thrifty and make some homemade bathroom essentials, as you may have noticed bath salts and soaps can get a little pricey. So why not make some of your own?

Here is a quick how to for Lavender and Chamomile Relaxing Bath Salts:

In a bowl combine 500grms of Epsom salts, a few handfuls of the dried lavender and chamomile, a tablespoon full of almond oil, several drops of both the lemon and lavender pure essential oils. If you don't like too much floating in your bath use less dried flowers. Once everything is stirred together put into a pretty jar or even a cheap Kilner jar like I did and your done!

These can be used as great gifts so don't forget your little 'handmade' tag. I decorated my jar with some pretty lace and it looks beautiful in my bathroom. The product itself is great for relaxing, the salts help with muscle tension and all the smells combined really help you to calm down after a stressful day.

Here are a few more things I have made recently to get you inspired, let me know if you try this D.I.Y out.


  1. Oh gosh, I bet these smell absolutely divine! I love handmade things, they're always that little bit more special <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thank you!! I seriously love your blog:) and little ralphie!xx


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