Bargain Hunting

I can’t think of a better way to spend my afternoon that bargain hunting, where I live the best place to go shopping is definitely Brighton, the Brighton lanes have so many vintage and second hand shops that you could easily spend hours and hours in.
Some of my favourite shops are Snoopers Paradise, To be Worn Again and  Beyond Retro, if there’s a bargain to be had then is it definitely in the Lanes, I mean forget Topshop and Urban Outfitters, the things you can find in the Lanes are one of a kind! And who wouldn’t want that.
Another place to pick up a steal is Arundel, as well as being picturesque and a lovely place to have afternoon tea, it is also full of little cute shops, my favourite being the second hand vintage market place near the Castle. Here is where I picked up my second hand camera which I use for decoration but I am told it is still fully functioning!! You walk into a room completely full of cameras, mine was £15!!
Don’t think you need to live somewhere with lots of Vintage shops though! Charity shops are by far the best place to pick up things for the home. Especially for things like glassware. So next time you walk pass Cancer Research or the Cats Protection make sure you pop your head in!!
Love Danielle

P.s How nice is this crochet blanket!

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