Kevin Murphy Damage Manager

A heat protector spray is probably one of the most important products you can own, if you dry, curl or straighten your hair then I am sure you already know this, but how many times do you get mid blow dry and realise you have forgotten to apply some protection? I know I am rubbish at remembering! That is until I started using the Kevin Murphy Damage Manager - this product is an instant heat shielding spray, it makes my whole blow dry process much easier, this also makes my hair easier to manage when brushing, and when I use straighteners after apply this they seem to glide over the hair instead of dragging. As I find this such a pleasure to use I hardly forget this crucial step of my haircare routine now!

This product is a little on the pricey side but you do get 150ml and this will last a while. Also Kevin Murphy products don't test on animals if that is something that you think about when purchasing beauty products.

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