Pick Your Own Farming

A little while ago I decided a day in the sunshine was needed, working in an office five days a week can give you slight cabin fever so a jaunt into the big outdoors was more than welcome. I had never been fruit picking before, so when we drove past a 'Pick Your Own' farm near where I live I was pretty excited. The idea of being self sufficient is something that really interests me, I have always wanted a vegetable patch at the bottom of my garden, to be able to wonder into the garden mid bolognese to grab some fresh herbs is something I can only dream of at the moment since I don't have a garden of my own yet. Any way where was I? ..

When we arrived at the farm we noticed the little Tea Room where we had breakfast, tea and cake.

Afterwards we headed into the wide open fields to find some fruity treats. The first things we came across were the raspberries, now I know you are not meant to eat them until you have washed them and paid of course but they just looked too good! We also got some sweetcorn, carrots, and broccoli. I was slightly apprehensive about it being a lot more expensive than Tesco's as it is all local produce but it actually worked out much cheaper! Our little box came to a tiny total of £2 something.

 Have you ever been to a Pick Your Own farm?

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