Skincare: Rehydrating Rose From Neal's Yard

I have so many moisturisers but I still always find myself reaching for a body butter from The Body Shop, recently however after grabbing this offering from Neal's Yard in a moment of dry skin panic I seem to not be able to put it down, it is the Re hydrating Rose Daily Moisture lotion for normal skin. First off the smell is lovely, it combines damask rose, calendula, starflower and hyaluronic acid which together helps keep the skins balance in check. I mostly need to moisturise on my knees, legs and arms and I find just popping abit of this on does the trick perfectly. It takes hardly any time at all for my skin to absorb so I don't have to deal with that sticky, not being able to get dressed situation. I really recommend this if you have normal skin and are looking for an everyday moisturiser to keep your skin looking in top tip condition.

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